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Hunter Fede Law aspires to be the leading innovative law firm in the middle Tennessee region by building and maintaining long-term client relationships based on reciprocity, honesty, ethics and by always delivering the highest standards of professionalism. We continually redefine how we deliver our legal services and strive to set the standard for all law firms based on client success.

Our firm was founded on a deep-rooted love for the law, business and entrepreneurship, joined by discerning an extensive need for attorneys to not only understand the law and the risks associated with it, but for this profession’s lack of real-life business experience commingled with the risks associated and lawyer’s inability to provide solutions to this risk. This vision has created a corporate meritocracy devoted to superiority in the practice of law only measured by client satisfaction and the results obtained. 

Our business model promotes flexibility to meet our client’s needs, which are specifically tailored to our result minded solutions, creating a recipe for success. This vision enables us to be a disruption to the current legal market’s revenue stream of hourly fees, charging the client astoundingly high rates for even lower results. Our team is exceptionally trained and are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

“ A fighter who enters the ring with a clear sense of purpose and strategy, and with the confidence that comes with complete preparation, has a much better chance at prevailing”- Freddie Roach


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