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Traffic Jam



Speeding is the most common traffic violation for motorists. The consequences faced depend upon the rate of speed as well as your driving record; making it imperative to have a clean driving record. 

At Hunter Fede Law, our speeding defense attorney can help you protect your driving record and privileges. Our legal experience provides us with confidence to meet your needs and we are happy to schedule a free consultation as well as provide a flat rate fee of $100 to defend most speeding violations.

There are many reasons in favor of hiring a Traffic Attorney due to the harsh repercussions given once you are convicted of a traffic violation.  Understanding these repercussions as well as having someone in your corner to fight against them allows you to maintain your right to drive.  Suspension or Revocation of your driver’s license can occur with certain violations as well as points added to your record. Our Attorneys will discuss each possibility with you in-depth and ensure the best solution. 

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